How to Tie Boxing Glove Strings

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Athletes typically discover basic abilities surrounding the devices and device of their selected sport. Boxers are no exception and needs to discover fundamental glove threading and tying methods. Initially attempting to tie and tie boxing gloves might feel complicated. However with some practice and help, you can tie and tie your boxing glove strings without any difficulty.

Lace vs. Velcro

In current years, Velcro, likewise called hook and loop, gloves have actually ended up being much more popular because of the ease of getting them on and off. Lace boxing gloves are difficult to lace, tie and safeguard if there’s no person around to help you. However when the strings are pulled tight, the glove molds to the shape of your hand yielding a more comfortable fit. Most expert fighters utilize lace boxing gloves as a result of this advantage.


Always utilize handwraps underneath your gloves. Handwraps help in securing the tiny bones in your hands and aid in supporting the wrist. After covering, you’ll wish to put on your very first boxing glove by pressing your hand deep into the glove. Draw back on the glove to require the fingers as far into the glove as possible, offering you with an optimal fit. Using your glove properly prepares you for tiing and tying the strings correctly.

Lacing Gloves

Lace the glove to fit the type of your hand, wrist and thumb. This process resembles lacing your shoes. Started by finding the first set of grommets on your boxing glove. Thread your strings through the holes, leaving an equal amount of string on both sides. Thread your left string with the next grommet on the right side, and thread the right string through the grommet on the left side. Continue to cross and thread the strings through each pair of grommets. Attempt not to leave any excess string in between the grommets.

Securing the Strings

Once the gloves are laced, you wish to make sure to safeguard the strings. Draw both strings tightly, so that the glove molds securely around the hand and wrist. Cross the strings and make a shoe knot, as though you were tying your shoe. Pull each string in the opposite direction and throughout the back of your glove forming an ‘X.’ Bring the strings back around to the palm or lace side of your glove and make another shoe knot toward the lower part of your wrist. Continue to cover the string around the wrist until approximately 2 inches of string is left. Use both strings to tie a double knot on the lace side of the glove.

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