How to Stop Cherry Pickers in Basketball

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Cherry pickers can discourage even the very best basketball groups. Rather of staying on the protective end of the floor and helping avoid the opposing team from scoring, the cherry picker wanders toward the other end of the floor and awaits a long outlet pass. When the pass is finished, the cherry picker has an uncontested shot. Performing the offense with a guy benefit, strong rebounding and paying close attention to the cherry picker are the very best ways to eliminate the simple baskets.

Make Your Shots

Take benefit of the cherry picker leaving the defensive end of the floor. A cherry picker ratings easy baskets, but leaves his group short on defense. The opposing group has five gamers on the offending side of the floor against just four defenders when the cherry picker heads the other method. Opposing groups can utilize the man advantage to score easy baskets of their own while forcing the cherry picker to come back and play defense.

Shadow Play

Assign one player to tail the cherry picker all over the basketball court. Defend the cherry picker when he leaves his protective position and runs to the other end of the floor. Opposing groups are left with four players on offense when the 5th gamer tags along with the cherry picker. Teams can still run their offense and succeed when it’s four-on-four. Compromising the 5th offensive gamer to secure the cherry picker on the other end of the floor helps eliminate simple baskets.


Grab offensive rebounds. Playing against a cherry picker offers you an additional player on offense, so use the advantage to strike the glass and rebound missed out on shots. Poor offensive rebounding plays right into cherry picker’s hands. Opposing groups prosper on rebounding missed shots and rapidly tossing long pases to the other end of the court, where the cherry picker is watiing for an uncontested basket.

Stop the Pass

Defend the outlet pass headed to the cherry picker. Opposing groups have to rebound the missed shot or take the basketball to establish a pass to the cherry picker. Securely safeguard the opposing gamer trying to pass to the cherry picker. Safeguard the pass with several players to enhance the degree of trouble or get a turnover. Use a couple of players to defend the outlet pass. Instruct the outlet defenders to raise their arms high in the air to improve chances of blocking the pass.

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