How to Set Up Weight-Bearing Exercise Machines in the Home

Weight-bearing machines are pieces of workout equipment that have moving parts and support your body weight during exercises. The most usual sorts of weight-bearing machines are upright and recumbent exercise bikes, treadmills and glide-board trainers. The benefit of having several of these equipments in your house is convenience. Lots of people discover that a conveniently offered weight-bearing machine motivates workouts or physical therapy. The primary consideration when establishing your equipment is a suitable platform.

Step 1

Read the setup guidelines for the machine in the owner’s manual. All makers advise setting up their devices on a level surface. Some manufacturers specify whether a device should be on carpet.

Step 2

Decide on an area to position the device– a bed room, family room or confined outdoor patio that’s weatherproof. Consider establishing a stationary bicycle or treadmill so you’ve a complete view of the space or the outdoors. A glide-board machine can live in an open location or it might be perpendicular to a wall. Motorized treadmills must be positioned in distance to an electrical outlet.

Step 3

Clear an area for the device that’s big enough to get to it and exercise easily.

Step 4

Place a treadmill mat with rubber backing on a hardwood or vinyl floor to safeguard the flooring and avoid the device from moving throughout workouts.

Step 5

Cut a piece of 1/4-inch-thick masonite hardboard as a platform when setting up the machine on carpeting or a paver tile floor. Cut the platform huge more than enough to step on and off the machine from the platform instead of the carpeting to avoid wear at those areas. Round the leading and bottom edges of the hardboard with medium-grit sandpaper.

Step 6

Place a treadmill mat with rubber backing on the hardboard platform to avoid the machine from moving.

Step 7

Begin setting up the machine by positioning the resistance unit of a stationary bicycle or the base of a treadmill or glide-board device in the center of the mat. Follow the assembly guidelines in the owner’s manual and attach the numerous components and devices as described.

Step 8

Skip the previous action if the device is put together. Ask an assistant to assist move the machine onto the mat or location it in on carpeting in the exercise area.

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