How to Qualify to Be an All-American Wrestler

How to Qualify to Be an All-American Wrestler

The term ‘All-American’ wrestler is used primarily to explain a wrestler who’s actually completed in the leading eight at a National Collegiate Athletic Association championships. To contend to become all-American, you’ve to first certify to battle in an NCAA champions. You instantly make an area to contend in the NCAA championships if you win at a regional or conference qualifier. Otherwise, you must meet added requirements.


To qualify to compete in the NCAA championships, you should enroll in at least 6 credit hours each semester at an accredited four-year college or university. Your school has to be a member of the NCAA, and while in school, you’ve to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0. To continue to be eligible, you’ve to complete 40 percent of the required coursework by the end of your second year, 60 percent by the end of your 3rd year and 80 percent by the end of your fourth year. The NCAA doesn’t dictate academic demands for Division III. Rather, Department III schools govern their own academic-eligibility standards.

Automatic Qualification

The NCAA champions include 10 weight classes with 33 wrestlers per training. To get the championship games, you must compete in a qualifying conference or regional competitors for your department. The winner in each of the 10 weight courses at the certifying competitors immediately certifies to contend in the NCAA championships. The Big 10 Conference, West Regional and Atlantic Coast Conferences are examples of certifying competitors.

Primary Criteria

If you’re unable to win at the certifying competition, you can still get the champions based on your winning portion, rating-percentage index and coaches rating. Wrestlers with a top-20 rating-percentage index, top-20 coaches score and an.800 winning percentage qualify at the gold-standard level. Wrestlers who fulfill or exceed 2 of the 3 criteria qualify at the silver-standard level. The criteria undergoes a moving scale in order to accomplish an overall variety of automatic qualifiers in the wanted variety.

Secondary Criteria

If you aren’t able to qualify under the gold- or silver-standard criteria, you can still certify under the bronze requirements. To qualify at the bronze requirement, you need to fulfill a minimum of two of the following criteria: have a top-33 coaches rating, have a top-33 rating-percentage index, have a. 700 winning portion, area one below automatic certification, or have one win versus a wrestler getting auto-qualification.