How to Put on Snowboard Boots With Drawstrings

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The lacing systems on snowboard boots differ according to the quality of the boots. Newbie or entry-level snowboard boots generally have traditional laces, which are similar to the laces on a normal pair of aerobic shoes. Top-of-the-line snowboarding boots have the boa lacing system, that includes stainless steel laces with a circular cog connected for tightening them with the turn of the dial, enabling the most accurate fit. Between these 2 ends of the spectrum are the drawstring, or quick-draw, laces.


Snowboarding boots may have a drawstring taken care of to the boot or the tongue of the boot. When you bring up on the drawstring you tighten the boot and the drawstring locks in place. This lacing system has actually been compared with the corset. Drawstring tiing systems supply even more leverage than standard lacing systems. This is valuable for individuals who’d otherwise have difficulty getting their boots as tight as they’d like them.


Put your feet in the boots and draw the drawstring handle to tighten up the laces in the lower part of the boot. If appropriate, crisscross the sides of the drawstring and wrap them around the lace hooks on either side of the boot. Pull the drawstring handle to tighten the laces and tie up the rest of the lace hooks in the very same way, wrapping and tightening the laces as you go. Draw the drawstring tight one last time after your reach the top. Lock the laces into area making use of the locking system on your boots. The exact locking procedure differs by boot, so inspect the manufacturer’s directions for extra information. Lastly, clip the locking mechanism handle to the boot. This procedure will likewise differ by boot brand.

Drawstring Benefits

A drawstring tiing system on snowboarding boots was developed for effective and reliable boot tightening up so your boots continue to be tied with the correct tightness till you are done snowboarding. Drawstring laces offer the convenience of tightening your boots swiftly with a simple pull. You can adjust these quick-pull laces on the go, without removing your gloves. The lace ends hide neatly.


Though drawstring laces are supposed to avoid the loosening of laces while you are riding, they’re still vulnerable to loosening during use. Sometimes, drawstring lace systems provide high-low or ankle-foot laces so you can differ the tightness of your laces on the 2 parts of the boot. This implies you can fine-tune the tightness of the boot to match your choices, with a looser fit at the top of the boot and tighter fit at the bottom, or vise versa.