How to Not Have Sweaty Hands

February 9, 2017
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Sweaty hands could present a huge issue, especially when you remain in a scenario where you should drink hands with people. You could make believe that you do not discover the various other individual discretely wiping his practical his match after shaking hands with you, however you wish to pass away of embarrassment. The clinical name for overly sweaty hands is palmar hyperhidrosis. You could deal with sweaty hands with both house solutions as well as clinical services. It may require continuous effort, however you’ll be rid of your embarrassment.

Step 1

Wash your hands usually. Use soap and warm water. This can dry your hands out, minimizing oils, however it does not constantly cure perspiring palms.

Step 2

Hold damp teabags in your hands for 15 minutes every day. Choose real tea, not natural. The tannins in tea could reduce your pores, which can minimize the amount of sweat that’s permitted ahead through.

Step 3

Relax. You’ve probably noticed that your perspiring palms are even worse when you’re worried. Utilizing relaxation strategies, such as deep breathing, yoga exercise or reflection, can alleviate your nerves as well as decrease your sweating.

Step 4

Use an antiperspirant on your hands. You might find success with a basic antiperspirant, yet make certain to select one that doesn’t have a smell. A lot of people turn to a prescription antiperspirant, such as Drysol or Xerac, which you can apply on your hands.

Step 5

Talk to your physician regarding clinical remedies. Your physician may be able to carry out a surgical procedure that can quit your sweaty hands. She could also suggest therapy by iontophoresis, which is an electrical current, anticholinergic drugs, which block the hormonal agent that stimulates sweat manufacturing, or Botox injections.


  • Baby powder or corn starch can make your problems worse by combining with sweat to develop a paste on your hands.