How to Lose Weight for Wrestling While Strength Training

As a wrestler, you deal with a dilemma throughout your athletic period. On one hand, you want to obtain strength and muscle to better control your opponents on the mat. On the other, gaining muscle mass threatens your capability to make weight and qualify to wrestle at your chosen slot. It’s not easy to balance these two requirements, however neither is it difficult. You simply have to consume a diet plan and select a workout program that develops strength without adding bulk.

Step 1

Weigh in everyday and compare the result to your target competition weight. Structure muscle and losing weight are best-estimate projects. You’ll just know for specific that it’s working if you by keeping a close eye on your body weight.

Step 2

Focus on exercises that are high repetition at moderate to low weight, such as exercises, gymnastics and practice fumbling. This type of workout builds strength by taking down muscle fibers, but does not cultivate the rapid bulking of low-rep, high-weight exercise.

Step 3

Eat a calorie-restricted diet plan. You can’t place on bulk even with strength training unless you provide your body the raw products it needs. While on your diet plan, avoid vacant calories like sugary foods, which take up a large chunk of your calorie spending plan without giving you nutrition in return. Rather, concentrate on consuming lean proteins and veggies.

Step 4

Drink great deals of water up until three days before weigh-in. Drinking water can help your muscles construct strength and fill your belly so it’s much easier to stick to your diet. Nevertheless, cut back somewhat on your water intake in the 72 hours prior to weighing so you can make weight. Generally, an athlete must consume a minimum of 64 oz of water every 1 Day, however contact your doctor for a specific recommendation if you plan to manipulate your fluid consumption for cutting weight.

Step 5

Do cardiovascular training between practices. This will all at once improve your cardio endurance– which makes you better able to apply your strength– and burn more calories to help you keep losing weight.