How to Identify a Prescription Pill by Markings

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Finding a pill below your bag or in your teen’s room can invoke all sort of questions. Furthermore, recognizing the best ways to inspect a pill for its identification prior to you take it could place your mind at ease after leaving the drug store with your new prescription. Understanding there are a number of methods that will identify a pill by its markings can aid put your mind at ease.

Step 1

Examine the tablet under brilliant lighting to ensure you are appropriately checking out the determining marks, letters as well as numbers.

Step 2

Write down any numbers that you see on the unknown tablet. It is simple to blend numbers up if you try to do it from memory, and also you could end up misidentifying it.

Step 3

Check tablet recognizing sites online, including Tablets RX at Enter the shape, shade and markings, as well as it will certainly give you with the name of the tablet, the toughness and also exactly what it is typically utilized for. There is commonly a photo of the medication supplied for you to be certain you have the exact same point in your hand.

Step 4

Take the pill to a drug store. Be certain to call in advance and ask when the least hectic hrs are so you do not need to wait long as soon as you arrive. Ask the pharmacologist to identify it for you.

Step 5

Call toxin control and also describe the pill and also its markings to the counselor over the phone. In many cases, he will have the ability to determine it for you. In 2010, the United States number for poison control was 1-800-222-1222.

Step 6

Check the pill versus pictures in a tablet recognition book. This could be time consuming however will permit you to aesthetically contrast the pill to the picture and also figure out exactly what it is.