How to Help Strengthen Babies' Muscles for Sitting

Before your baby is able to sit up, he’ll begin boosting the shoulder and neck muscles that assist him to sit. Your child should’ve great head control and strong back and neck muscles to keep him upright. Once your child reaches between the ages of 4 and 7 months, he’s ready to begin dealing with sitting up. Putting him in the seated position and working with him on sitting for a significantly longer durations helps him to attain balance and end up being more powerful till he can sit regularly on his own.

Step 1

Place your infant facedown for playtime when she’s incapable to hold her direct gradually.

Step 2

Encourage her to seek out and deal with strengthening her head control by holding a noisy toy or a mirror above her.

Step 3

Pull your child up in a seated position after she attains great head control by holding her fingers. Gradually draw her up to encourage her to begin drawing herself forward.

Step 4

Situate her on her bottom and spread her legs open into a V to keep her well balanced.

Step 5

Set her hands on the floor in front of her between her legs so she can support herself with her arms.

Step 6

Place a low pillow behind her to make her feel safe.

Step 7

Set your infant’s preferred toy in front of her. Move the toy slowly from side to side to motivate her to try to grab the toy. This encourages her to utilize her legs and upper body to balance.