How to Handle a Chippy Hockey Player

How to Handle a Chippy Hockey Player

Hockey is a sport that rewards gamers who’ve speed and ability. Hockey is likewise a physical sport, and chippy gamers are frequently on the ice. Chippy gamers are excessively physical, they grow on contact and aren’t scared to take charges. Taking care of chippy players takes a mix of smarts, skill, technique and durability.

Be Smart

Stick with your strengths on the ice and don’t let a chippy gamer alter your style of play. Ability gamers are much better off preventing too much physical play. Ability players put the puck in the net and aid on other goals. Switching over to a more physical design to counter a chippy opponent typically leaves the ability player in the penalty box for infractions such as battling, slashing and cross-checking. Maintain your discipline, avoid the charge box and get the very best of chippy gamers by scoring points.

Accept Penalties

Let the chippy player go to the penalty box. A chippy player generally starts rough play and is often called for offenses. Neglect the chippy player and let him deal with the referees. Chippy players spend lengthy stretches in the penalty box and give opposing groups power play chances. Scoring with the man benefit while the chippy gamer is in the penalty box is an excellent way to exact revenge.

Match Game

Stand around the chippy player when necessary. Hockey teams are loaded with ability players, but the majority of have physical players called ‘enforcers.’ Chippy players are heavily penalized, and that assists the opposing team. There are times, however, when chippy players end up being excessively physical with the opposing team’s top players as well as trigger injuries. Standing up to a chippy gamer isn’t constantly good approach, however there are times when an enforcer needs to step in and offer security.


Use your skill to counteract an overly aggressive player. Prepare for the contact and dart out of the manner in which. Lots of chippy players have fun with a physical nature due to the fact that they lack speed and skill. Take advantage of the skill space. Avoid hits and low-cost shots and quickly move the puck down the ice to develop odd-man hurries. Sending 3 gamers into the offensive zone against 2 protectors is an example of an odd-man rush. Annoy the chippy player by countering his aggressive style with simple scoring opportunities.