How to Flip Someone Over Your Back From a Sleeper Hold

How to Flip Someone Over Your Back From a Sleeper Hold

The sleeper hold, also called a choke hold, is an usual tactic made use of by an assaulter to deactivate his sufferer and render him unconsciousness. Option types of the sleeper hold are made use of in police, the military and some sports, such as martial arts and fumbling. If you are targeted by an assailant or challenger and placed in a sleeper hold, there are couple of methods to successfully launch the hold. Flipping your opponent over your back is one means to get away from a sleeper hold.

The Sleeper Hold

An aggressor might position his sufferer in a sleeper hold by grabbing him from behind and positioning his arm around the victim’s throat. The bicep and forearm muscles squeeze the sufferer’s neck, while the enemy’s hand locks into the other arm, securing the hold. This other arm safeguards the sufferer’s head and presses it forward to tighten the hold. Ultimately, the carotid arteries become compressed, and the sufferer ultimately loses consciousness.

Escaping the Hold

If you feel an opponent attempting to place a lock around your neck, respond instantly by positioning your arm in front of your chest and neck. Additionally, draw your chin to your chest to avoid a company lock and to safeguard your arteries. Use your other hand to gouge your attacker’s eyes, elbow the groin or twist and pull your challenger’s finger or hand. If your opponent manages to get a firm lock around your neck, you’ve just seconds to release the lock before ending up being unconscious. Flipping the opponent over your back can assist you break the choke hold.

Flipping Your Opponent

To flip somebody over your back from a sleeper hold, you need to quickly grab your challenger’s arm locked around your neck with both hands and draw down to loosen the hold. Keep your chin tucked firmly toward your chest to protect your carotid arteries and flex your knees slightly to create energy. Lean over and pull your opponent over your back. End the self-defense technique by correcting your legs and lifting the hips by basing on your toes.


The sleeper hold is prohibited in many police territories due to the high danger of injury resulting from this action. Some individuals’ carotid arteries don’t reopen after being released from the sleeper hold, which can often result in fatality. Don’t practice the sleeper hold or flipping somebody over your back from a sleeper hold without a trained martial arts trainer or self-defense teacher present.

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