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The war has just begun in kitchen. Load up ketchup in this so called Spice Weapon. Blast away at hot dog, shoot at the hamburgers, lay siege to meats or attack the sausages with squirt from the weapon.

When I first saw at this funny gadget, I thought that it was from Japanese, however then found out it in fact originated from British. This comedy cartoon handgun enables you to have mustard, brown sauce, ketchup or chili sauce. When you’re ready, you can then be in your personal favorite handgun based terrible cowboy movie, and ask, ‘Are you ready, sausage?’ Then, pull the trigger and you’ll see it lying with blood lookalike ketchup.


Aside from its comedic value, this squirter actually delivers its saucy contents accurately without fail. I make certain Dressing Weapon will make you fall in love with ketchup or mustard all over once again. Your mum might like it since it’ll help her to obtain rid of the aggravation of bashing ketchup bottle. Your daddy will like it too due to the fact that it permits him to blow off steam after he invests hours of swearing to attempt getting barbecue to light. Worse, if your sibling doesn’t pass your preferred soda drink to you fast enough or remove your fried chicken without asking you, you understand exactly what to do. It revolutionizes the traditional food fight.




Condiment Gun comes at the cost of $25. You know exactly what to purchase this coming Christmas, for your mum, father or sibling. Get it from Amazon.

Let the war starts!

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