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I have actually been wishing to show little children yoga exercise for years. Yesterday, I had my first four-year-old yoga client as well as now I have a couple of even more of them in the coming week.

Yoga is great for youngsters to do! It helps construct body recognition, leisure and peace, improves versatility and stamina, aids with circulation and total wellness.

I had a lot enjoyable training this little person. It was especially best considering that right after educating him, I instructed my transformational regular recovery yoga class for grownups and the style was ‘Internal Youngster.’

Children are so open, interested, wonderful and also enchanting at that age. As life takes place, without these top qualities being effectively supported, we can lose this part of ourself and also our internal child gets forgotten in the past.

Everything you consume, believe, do and also really feel while pregnant goes right into the establishing baby. Throughout the time period from womb via the initial year of life, the root chakra is developing.

I wished to deal with the kids when they were a little older so I started writing (with my QUITE skilled composing partner Maeve Quinlan) a line of motivational children’s e-books that plant little seeds of awareness in kids that they can grow from. Guides are in the works now and we are actually delighted to obtain them out there.

So at this time I additionally believed it would be amazing to educate my transformational recovery yoga for children. Being that I had actually educated antenatal yin as well as restorative yoga and breath work to their mommies throughout their pregnancy, I figured it would be an easy transition.

How to Teach Your Kids Yoga


I beginning off having them rest in a cross-legged seated location as well as placing their hands in a Mudra where their thumb and also forefinger are touching in a circle. After that I have them shut their eyes and count by relocating their thumb – 1 is thumb to index, 2 is thumb to middle hands, 3 is thumb to ring hands and also 4 is thumb to child finger. After that I have them start over again as well as do it a couple of more times.


I usage yoga exercise cards for children. My faves are yoga exercise cards for kids are ‘Yoga Pretzels’ by Tara Guber or ‘The Childrenses’ Yoga Deck’ by Annie Buckley. You can either choose 10 or so cards or let them select them (this takes longer) as well as lay them out. On the card, it informs you how you can have them enter the position and also clarifies what it provides for them and provides you some inquiries to ask before of after the doing the pose.

Make sure they do their 4 matter breath in with the nose and out with the nose. Some of the names are tree, butterfly, aircraft, blossom … and also so on.Let your internal child and creativity come out and play by comprising a story concerning the posture. It is a great means to maintain them involved as at this age they can not hold the position for extremely long.


1. If they have no idea their left or right you can obtain stickers for each and every left and also right-hand man and foot. Lucas is into extremely heroes so I got him Superman and also Batman stickers. You could claim left Batman foot onward, it instructs them left and also right.

2. Think of a style – I utilized styles from my children’s book such as ‘Turn your heart light on” (around being kind, loving as well as compassionate), “Appreciation” (the art of being grateful), ‘Put on your magic footwears”(teaching them about empathy), or “Be a mermaid” (learn to go with the flow). The other day when I showed Lucas it was “Namaste/ The divine light bulb (sunlight as well as sparkle within).’
3. Children are EXTREMELY flexible so be readied to have all the responses! My little namaste talk concerning the light bulb finished up being a hr long Q as well as A! I started off speaking concerning what namaste suggests -” I bow to you and also acknowledge your light bulb with in.’ I informed him most of us have an inner light thats like sparkling sunlight, you have it, your mother has it – even your pet Lulu Flynn has it.
The discussion went like this:

Lucas: Does so and so have it?

Me: Yes, everybody has the light within.

Lucas: Does this kid that is mean to me have it?

Me: Yes even him, the very same light is in us all.

Lucas: Is it God ?

Me: Yes God, spirit, light – it’s in us all.

Lucas: Just how can I make my light bigger?

Me: I believe it’s quite big currently yet being a kind as well as caring individual actually helps.

Lucas: Lori, kind and also loving coincide things.

Me:  Busted by a 4 year old.

Lucas: Just what if I eat my vegetables will that grow my light?

Me: YES huge!!!

Lucas: What about exercise?

Me: Also fantastic for the light bulb …

This went on forever. Today, his mama called me claiming he woke up doing his yoga exercise poses, breathing and also ate a healthy and balanced morning meal ‘to feed his light bulb,’ then went to college and namasted the instructor and stated,” I see your light bulb” as well as after that told her everything about the light bulb with in.

Ok soooooooooooooooooooo adorable I can not also stand it !!!!!