How to Do the Pendulum Lunge

September 30, 2014
How to Do the Pendulum Lunge

The pendulum lunge is an exercise that works all the muscles in your legs, largely the thighs and glutes. It’s a combination of the forward and backward lunge, with increased intensity. The pendulum lunge will get your heart pumping, providing a cardiovascular exercise. For maximum results, do two sets of 20 pendulum lunges a day, per side, five days a week. Always speak with your doctor before beginning a new workout regimen.

Step 1

Stand in a relaxed position with your hands on your hips and your feet shoulder-width apart. This is your starting position.

Step 2

Step your right leg forward about 3 feet and lower your body down till both knees bend at a 90-degree angle. Hold this position for a minute to restore your stability.

Step 3

Push off the ground with your right foot, return to a standing position and extend your right leg behind you. Plant your right foot 3 feet behind the left foot and lower your body down up until both knees flex at a 90-degree angle. Stay ready to restore stability for a moment. This concludes one repeating.

Step 4

Lift your right leg and step 3 feet in front of the left foot, lunging down. Continue this back and forth motion without stopping until you’ve completed all repeatings for one set on the right side. Returned to standing and duplicate the set on your left side.