How to Cork 5 on a Snowboard

November 3, 2014
How to Cork 5 on a Snowboard

You can do numerous tricks while freestyle boarding, consisting of turns, flips and jumps. Among the more difficult tricks to master is the cork 5, which is a 540-degree off-axis rotation in the air. This step requires a great deal of practice since you can injure yourself if is not carried out properly.


In snowboarding, an off-axis rotation is referred to as a ‘corked’ or ‘cork.’ According to the ABC of Snowboarding web site, the number 5 is associated with 540, so the correct term for a cork 5 is a cork or corked 540. The number 540 signifies the variety of degrees in the rotation before landing. Some skiers and snowboarders describe a cork or corked 540 as a misty 540.


Before attempting a cork 540, you need to have some familiarity with corked moves. Likewise, you ought to have carried out a cork 360 a minimum of before attempting the 540. A cork 540 is a lot more challenging than a cork 360. One of the easiest ways to exercise a cork 540 is on a trampoline. Trampolines permit you the ability to obtain air without the danger of falling improperly on the snow or ice. As soon as you execute a correct cork 540 on the trampoline, you’ll be ready to attempt it in the snow on your snowboard.

Executing a Cork 540

Make a small or medium bounce on the trampoline while reaching toward your left foot with your right arm. This ought to trigger you to land on your bottom with your right arm still extended out toward your left toe. Include a little even more force each time you attempt this while dropping your right shoulder down more.
Get a big bounce and put your right arm straight up in the air. As the trampoline presses you up for your second bounce, thrust your arm in front of you and afterwards down toward your left toe. Push the upper half of your body forward while examining your left shoulder. Draw your feet up as high as you can, keeping them as close together as possible. Take hold of your left ankle with your right hand and hold this position as long as possible. Lift up your head and hands and spread your legs shoulder-width apart to land.


When you’re practicing, make sure that you get enough space between you and the trampoline prior to trying the maneuvers due to the fact that you can get injured if you land during the maneuver. Don’t attempt a corked 540 in the snow till you’ve actually improved it on the trampoline.