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Getting tired with the straight 3 sets of weight lifting? If you’re searching for a brand-new way to train and means to build muscle mass, attempt drop set.

Other names of drop set are coming down sets, strip sets or stripping strategy. A drop set is a strategy where you do as many repeatings as you can with a specific weight till failure. Then, immediately lower the weight and do even more reps with little rest in between sets. For instance, you begin with 25 pound pinheads for shoulder press. You raise as many times as you can without jeopardizing your kind up until you’re exhausted. Then, you drop the weight to 20 pound and continue raising until failure. The last set you’ll choose 15 pound of weight.

In a conventional straight set with 8 to 12 repetitions, you usually don’t reach the absolute failure and therefore don’t trigger every fiber in a muscle team. By working out till failure and continue with lighter weight, you cumulatively make use of a growing number of reserved muscle fibers. Drop sets struck many of the stubborn muscle fibers deep down and the end outcome is triggering development that typically mightn’t be achieved by standard set.

Drop set is indeed a high intensity bodybuilding strategy. That’s why bodybuilder use drop readies to enhance muscle size. If you’re a football player, sprinters or athletes who wish to build strength and power, drop set won’t be suitable for you.


Let me share with you two of my means in doing drop set:

  • Say, I’m doing barbell biceps curl. I put few small plates on each side of the bar. As soon as I reach the failure for the first set, I’ll strip one weight plate off each side to continue for the next set.
  • As for doing drop sets with equipments, it’s even simpler. Simply need to pull the pin from the weight stack and relocate it approximately a lighter weight.

Top 4 Tips of Doing Drop Set

  1. In order to move rapidly from heavy weight to lighter weight, set up your equipment prior to beginning the first repetition. If you’re doing drop set with pinheads, line up all three pairs prior to you begin. If you’re lifting barbell, put fewer lighter plates together instead of one big weight. Stripping off is much faster. Otherwise, you might need the help of partner to assist changing the weight since you aren’t expected to take too long in between the set.
  2. Do drop sets only when a week. For layperson like me, I use it to train delayed body part or a part which I target for growth. If made use of all the time, your body might accommodate itself to drop set. Your may overtrain and end up hasing more than fatigued muscles. So, don’t let drop set to backfire.barbell-squat-at-smith-machine.JPG
  3. Incorporate drop set creatively. Occasionally, I carry out just drop set as the last set of a specific workout after I finished the first two conventional straight set. In this last set, I make use of heavier weight compared with the first two set and I’ll do it till failure. Likewise, when I understand that I’m choosing holidays for 2 weeks and I’ll not have access to any gym, I’ll do drop sets too in many of my workouts considering that I know that my body will have a lot of time to recover.
  4. Last but not least, never compromise your form. Security come first and I don’t desire you hurt yourself.