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When concerns work out, I’ve pointed out that quality is more vital than amount. Same concept makes an application for stomach crunches. Nonetheless, too commonly I still get the question from readers wondering the number of crunches one must be doing to see get 6 packs.

I wish I can say easy response like, ’20 crunches for 1 set and do 3 sets.’ Sadly, no simple answer to fit everyone.

For me, I’ll do as many repeatings as possible to make my abs to feel burnt and exhausted. It most likely is 20 crunches for first set, 15 crunches for the 2nd set and for last set, I’ll do till tiredness which is about 10 repetitions typically. essential thing is to do it with sluggish controlled smooth movement. So, when someone told you that he’s doing 200 crunches in one set, you truly need to see means he does them.

Now, I’m not stating that as soon as you feel burn, you’ve finished the business. If you really wish to give your abdominals a full workout, do not forget to exercise your upper abs, lower abdominals and obliques. Just like strength training for various other muscle groups, you need to push yourself hard to increase number of representatives once you get stronger. Do different abdominals exercises after you’re fatigue with one.

Last not least, regardless of crunches after crunches, remember to do cardiovascular workouts too to obtain rid of layer of body fat to discover your 6-pack!