How Many Beers Can You Drink Without Getting a Hangover?

The headache, nausea, dry mouth and other discomforts of a hangover can make anyone vow to give up drinking permanently. Many people know that a hangover arise from drinking too much liquor, but how much is too much differs commonly from individual to individual. How many beers you’ve the ability to drink without suffering a hangover relies on your physiological makeup, your wellness, your very own drinking history as well as your household’s drinking history.

Who Gets Hangovers?

Rhode Island researcher Dr. Robert Swift, of Providence Veteran Affairs Medical Center, studied hangovers and found that mild to moderate drinkers were more likely to suffer hangovers than habitually heavy drinkers. This might be due to the fact that the body builds up a tolerance to the impacts of liquor. Or it could be that heavy drinkers keep drinking to stave off the discomfort of a hangover. Dr. Swift also found that if you’d a family history of alcoholism, you were more likely to suffer from bad hangovers.

How Many Beers?

Go Ask Alice, a column sponsored by Health Solutions at Columbia University, reports that for most people, the hangover limit’s 5 drinks, particularly if you eat those drinks in a brief period of time, and particularly if you drink on an empty stomach. Drinking games, binge drinking and shots can contribute to the trouble. One drink equates to one 12-ounce can of beer.

Factors in Hangovers

Smaller individuals, such as petite females, generally have less tolerance for alcohol. Drinking on an empty tummy increases your possibility of a hangover, as does consuming a great deal of beverages really close together. Individuals who never ever or seldom beverage are most likely to have a hangover from over-imbibing. Blending beer with booze increases your opportunity of getting drunk and, hence, experiencing a hangover, due to the fact that the carbonation in beer makes alcohol take in into your body faster.

Preventing Hangovers

To be reasonably sure of avoiding a hangover, limit yourself to four beers and area the beverages out over the night. Beverage slowly, rather of chugging the beer down. Beverage water or another non-alcoholic drink between beers. Eat a big meal prior to you drink. Evaluate for yourself your response to alcohol. If you find you still feel the discomfort after even four beers, you’ll have to cut down more.

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