If your doctor hases informed you that you have hypertension or that your cholesterol levels or triglycerides are as well high, ask him or her for your numbers. If wish to discover whether you are just one of the 80 percent of folks who could regulate high blood pressure and/or cholesterol levels with diet plan alone, comply with the PROGRAM ME! Diet for simply two weeks. Then have your physician re-check your cholesterol levels, triglycerides and also blood tension. You’ll most likely additionally discover that you has lost many pounds. For a full explanation of the program and the research behind it, review The Healthy Heart Miracle.

The simply meals you eat on the SHOW ME! diet plan are oats for morning meal, and also whole-meal tossed salads (‘Mix and Suit Tossed salads’) for lunch time and also dinner. You won’t require to go starving, due to the fact that you determine on the section dimension. Don’t pack yourself, but eat up until you are comfortably complete and completely satisfied. If you choose constant small dishes as well as treats, that’s fine, as well, just divide your tossed salads up as well as consume as usually as you such as. You could additionally have oats at various other times of the day if you wish.

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Breakfast Instructions

Use a long-cooking oatmeal (rolled, steel cut, Scottish or Irish style oatmeals.) Do not make use of quick-cooking or instant kinds. To save time, prepare up a huge batch– sufficient for a number of days or a week– adhering to the package deal instructions. Establishment the leftovers in a fridge container, and also reheat each day’s section in a microwave dish.

Flavor your oat meal with a modicum of cinnamon or nutmeg, as well as add a handful of raisins or various other dried out fruit to the pot if you wish. You might likewise include fresh fruit– approximately one mug of the fruit of your option– however consume the fruit WITH the oat meal, not the only one as a snack.

Note: If you could not eat oats for some factor, substitute wild rice or another whole grain, flavored and also served the same way as oatmeal. Search for wild rice with at the very least 3 grams of fiber. Or try Kashi Breakfast Pilaf, a blend of entire grains that is extensively available as well as delicious.


For morning meal, lunch time, dinner, and anytime between, beverages should have NO calories. Usage water (plain, seasoned, or bubbly, faucet water is fine), tea, or other calorie-free beverage you like.

Once you’ve confirmed to on your own as well as your doctor that you can regulate your blood tension and also cholesterol levels with diet plan, you’ll should discover the best ways to use by doing this of consuming for the remainder of your life. The Healthy Heart Wonder has comprehensive instructions, food selections and also lots of dishes to reveal you that eating in this manner is not only easy, it’s tasty and also enjoyable. The Great Food Book, free of cost right here on my website, contains considerably of the same information.

Long-Term Diet Recommendations
Even I don’t expect any person to stay on this diet regimen for greater than a few weeks. When you complete this two-week trial and are encouraged that you could make the way of living adjustments you have to avoid cardiovascular disease and also diabetes, checked out my Tweaked DASHBOARD Diet for the means I suggest that you eat for the remainder of your life.