Help for Uneven Skin Tone

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A few years ago I started seeing my skin really did not look quite right. I developed these splotchy dark areas on my cheeks, my top lip, and also on my temple. Possibly dark isn’t really the right word. Stained is a better one.

A neighbor of mine in our present area here in Nashville informed me she would certainly had the same trouble in her 30s. (Which I am. She’s 50.) She informed me hers resulted from hormones and also the sunlight. (Which I presume so is mine. When we lived in Florida I invested a lots of time outdoors. Also, I observe around that time of the month I get back at splotchier.)


My neighbor had actually visited a dermatologist who ‘d given her some truly wonderful face lotion with retinol-A in it. She asserted it worked marvelously.

The problem was her skin specialist was extremely tough to get an appointment with. (He has a 6 month waiting listing.) For an additional, he’s pricey. (She paid $250 just for the seek advice from, then $60 for the little container of magic cream that just lasted two months.)

She suggested I attempt some of the non-prescription stuff first before I invested that sort of loan. So I did.


I started with Neutrogena’s Visibly Also encounter laundry and also nighttime cream. I saw outcomes within 2 weeks. And also now, nearly 6 months later, those splotches have actually totally discolored on my forehead as well as are very, very light on my upper lip and also cheeks.

Except when I was in Target the various other day picking up some more of the night cream, everything was on clearance and also really did not look like it was being replenished.

” Oh no, please don’t tell me they’re not going to carry this any longer.” (I’ve seen those exact same indicators -the clearance and also not restocking- occur before with various other items I enjoy.)


But before I worried I examined Neutrogena’s website. They’re still making it. I could just have to locate a new area to acquire it.

Face Masks

However, I think it was O, The Oprah Magazine that I review with a post regarding face masks that will certainly also level complexion. Particularly masks made with clay and seaweed.

So I have actually likewise kept my eyes peeled for those. (No pun planned.)

We belong called The Aesthetic Market right here in Nashville where I located a clay mask made by Caudalie. It has a very great structure and scents excellent … yet it’s $40 for a little tube.

Bath and Body Works had one in their Aquatanica Health club line for $25, but I learnt about it too late. They have actually terminated it. I never obtained to attempt it.

But after that I stumbled upon Kanwa Minerals. They market 4 ounce jars of clay face masks for $12.99. It doesn’t smell as good as Caudalie’s however I such as the means it really feels much better when it dries out. (Obtains actually tight as well as really feels like it’s actually functioning.)

Between my Neutrogena regime and the face masks, I have actually rather much got my splotchy, uneven skin tone in control now.

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