Hamstring Plyometric Exercises

Hamstring Plyometric Exercises

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Plyometric workouts are defined as movements that train your muscles, connective tissues and nervous system, according to the National Strength and Conditioning Association. These motions are fast and powerful and can utilize your hamstring at its greatest length and force. Participate in a heat up and stretching regular prior to plyometric exercise to prevent the threat of injury.

Split Jump

Stand in a large, forward lunge stance. Perform a jump and switch over feet in the air, suggesting your front foot is now the back foot and vice versa. Land with feet opposite to how they were in the beginning position. As you land, distribute your bodyweight uniformly in between both feet. Keep your chest up and your upper body relaxed throughout the movement. Repeat jump and focus, minimizing the time your feet are in contact with the floor.

Running High Knees

Running high knees is a plyometric exercise done while running– execution of proper kind is vital. Keep your elbows at 90 degrees, shoulders relaxed and chest up. Move your hands approximately chin level and back down on your sides throughout the workout. Remain on your forefoot, drive your knees up toward your chest and pull back as quickly as possible while keeping a running rate.

Running Butt Kicks

Begin running, use proper type by keeping your elbows at 90 degrees and your shoulders unwinded. Flex your knee and bring your heel back and as much as your butts. Remain on your forefoot and preserve a small forward lean with your upper body throughout the exercise. Alternate leg kicks. Objective to complete 20 kicks within 10 lawns.

Box Jumps

For a box jump exercise you’ll require a box or platform 12 to 18 inches high. If this is expensive, a lower box can be used until you progress. Stand dealing with the box, with your feet together leap onto the box. Jump off the box back to the starting position as fast as possible. As soon as you have landed, promptly push yourself back onto the box. Repeat the movement. The objective is to keep your time on the ground very little.