Good Food for Mountain Bike Racing

Mountain bike racing is a grueling sport that calls on your body’s fat and glycogen establishments to sustain you throughout your trip. To guarantee your best efficiency, you’ll need a mix of energy-dense nutrition that’s easy to eat and digest throughout a race. Try out nutrition during your training is crucial to making sure you get the right fuel without unfavorable adverse effects on race day.

Energy System

During mountain biking, you’ll engage both your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, burning a greater percentage of calories from fat than in a running race, but utilizing more carbohydrates than you’d throughout a flatland road race. You’ll still be burning a high percentage of glycogen, even throughout the aerobic legs of your race, where you still may require fast bursts of energy to jump challenges.


Complex carbs should form the base of your race-day nutrition, coming from unprocessed entire grains. Avoid simple sugars from fruit, sweets and beverages. Sports beverages, energy bars and gels with a high carb concentration are good choices. Pick whole grain pasta, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, natural breads, brown rice and fresh vegetables.


When selecting proteins, choose lean sources, such as turkey and chicken bust meat and coldwater fish like salmon and tuna. Consume more protein throughout training and the night before your race, as opposed to trying to obtain energy from protein on race day.


Get fat in your diet plan from vegetable and fish sources, instead of from animal products. Veggies and fish such as salmon and tuna offer you healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids, as opposed to the saturated fats found in meat and milk products.


When you sweat, you lose essential electrolytes, specifically potassium and salt. Taking a salt tablet or eating salty treats is not really a good idea since too much salt in your belly can delay the release of water you’ve to hydrate your muscles. A great sports consume ought to supply the correct amount of electrolytes. While they shouldn’t comprise the bulk of your nutrition throughout a race, bananas and kiwis are excellent sources of potassium.

Training Diet

Race day is not the day to attempt a new energy bar, gel or beverage. Experiment throughout your training by consuming certain foods and recording your response to them. Not just do you want to see the results of particular nutrients on your efficiency, you’ll want to try out food storage and usage during a ride. Trying to tear open an unfamiliar gel pack or energy bar wrapper while you are shooting downhill can cause dreadful effects. The night before your race, carbo load with even more calories, eating a mix of roughly two-thirds carbohydrates and one-third lean protein. Choose quickly digestible complex carbohydrates the morning of your race.

Energy Drinks

Do not count on energy drinks throughout your race, they assure a spike in metabolism without any crash, however commonly make you crash back to at least your pre-drink energy level. These drinks are frequently loaded with stimulants that can result in a fast drop in blood sugar levels. Keep yourself on an even keel with a consumption of intricate carbs.

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