Glory Game – Joost van der Westhuizen’s ALS documentary

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As SA encounters Japan today on the Rugby Globe Cup opening up weekend break, we want to our heroes of the other day, and specifically one male who is combating his very own fight off the field.

When Rugby tale, Joost Van der Westhuizen, uncovered he had motor neuron disease his life was transformed updside-down. He tells his tale in a new documentary.

As if being diagnosed with motor neuron disease wasn’t enough, Joost van der Westhuizen was told that he only had a 20 % possibility of living two even more years.

Devastated, but with the determination of a South African Springbok rugby gamer, Van der Westhuizen decided, “Stuff them– I will certainly decide when I go.”

Van der Westhuizen was detected with motor nerve cell illness, additionally called ALS, in 2011.

Westhuizen belonged to the South Africa group which won The Rugby World Mug on residence soil in 1995, obtaining the trophy from the late president Nelson Mandela as the post-apartheid era dawned.

He started a structure called J9 to raise cash and also awareness of electric motor neuron condition. The structure provides support and guidance to individuals and their households as they concern terms with a condition which has no clear cause.

What is motor neuron disease?

Motor neuron illness is an ailment that attacks the central anxious system. The modern illness triggers the degeneration of electric motor nerve cells as well as losing away of the muscular tissues, creating disability as well as at some point leading to death.

MND causes progressive weakness, muscle degeneration, muscle spasticity, trouble speaking, swallowing and taking a breath. The disorder triggers muscle mass weak point and also degeneration throughout the body which is dued to the weakening of the top as well as reduced electric motor neurons. Most of the people diagnosed with MND are expected to have a life expectations of in between 2 and also 5 years, which is an extremely damaging possibility to deal with.


Coming to grips with his diagnosis wasn’t very easy for the world popular athlete but he has made his peace with it.

“You begin to ask ‘Why me?’ And it’s rather easy, ‘Why not me?” claimed van der Westhuizen in a new docudrama, Magnificence Game.

Available on DStv’s Ticket office, Splendor Game papers Van der Westhuizen’s courageous battle against MND. Directed by Odette Schwegler, you can see the trailer for the documentary listed below …

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