Get Fit On The Waterfront

September is upon us, however summer has not left the building rather yet! Squeeze out the last little sunlight by visiting the waterside. Lakes, oceans and rivers offer a myriad of activities that’ll certainly get your heart rate up and muscles working. Keep in mind, water sports are not just for the pros. Have a look at our favorites below and take your choice!


Those who think kayaking is only an upper body exercise have likely never ever tried it. Every stroke is basically a single-arm row, and your arms, shoulders and back are regularly in action. Nevertheless, you also need to trigger your core, hips and legs to support the boat and make turns, therefore creating an outstanding full-body exercise.


No need to do insane turns or wake jumps to obtain a great exercise. You’ll be holding onto a rope, which needs upper body strength, and your feet will certainly be strapped into a board skimming across the water. Keeping a tight core and a slight flex in the knees are required to stay well balanced and upright. Once you have done a couple of laps around the lake, your quads will certainly be burning.


After an afternoon of tubing behind a boat, your shoulders will certainly feel it more than a deltoid exercise at the fitness center. So laugh with close friends as each of you takes a tumble or two, and enjoy such an entertaining way to obtain toned arms!

Kayaking in September? Why not?

Water Skiing

Once you master getting up on skis, you’ll be addicted to gliding throughout the water. To avoid a wipeout, your shoulders, arms and chest need to be activated and strong. But remember about the lower body, which has to be in a well balanced, seated position that requires strength in your upper legs and glutes. Now that you’ve the hang of two skis, can you go slalom on a single ski?


A mix of surfing and kayaking, paddleboarding is everybody’s new favorite water sport. And for excellent reason, too– you can slip in both a cardio and a sculpting session all while having fun with close friends! The balancing act of standing on top of unforeseeable water offers a killer lower body and core exercise. Plus, your upper body is in action and your heart rate will certainly skyrocket while regularly paddling.

There’s still time– get out there and make use of the sun and water to your benefit!

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