Female Boxer's Diet

September 29, 2014
Female Boxer's Diet

Whether you want to be like Hilary Swank in ‘Million Dollar Child’– a film featuring a female fighter– or just want to perform better in the ring, a healthy diet can help you arrive. The one-two punch of a healthy diet and tough training can assist enhance your strength, stamina and speed. Focusing on the fundamentals of a female fighter’s diet plan will help get you combating at your best.


Boxing is a sport that requires rapid bursts of boxing, dodging and obstructing followed by periods of rest. This sort of sport taps into your body’s shops of carbohydrates, understood to experts as muscle glycogen. Eating sufficient carbs throughout the day will help you pack your muscles with appropriate glycogen for training and competition. Colorado State University suggests consuming around 40 percent of your calories in the form of carbohydrates. They add that numerous female athletes do not get adequate riboflavin in their diet. Strengthened grains are an exceptional source of healthy carbohydrates and riboflavin.


Protein is a crucial nutrient that helps your muscles grow and reinforce. College of Washington sports dietitian Suzanne Nelson-Steen, R.D., warns that numerous female athletes do not eat appropriate nutritional iron– a mineral that assists transportation oxygen to your working muscles. Opt to consume iron-rich protein sources such as lean cuts of beef, legumes and fish. According to the book ‘The Gleason’s Health club Total amount Body Boxing Exercise for Women: A 4-Week Head-to-Toe Transformation,’ female boxers ought to eat roughly 1 gram of nutritional protein for each kilogram of body weight.

Bone Health

Poor diet can add to the low bone mass frequently seen in female athletes, reports Stanford University. Consuming appropriate calcium can help boost the strength of your bones. Nelson-Steen advises that female athletes eat roughly 1300 milligrams of nutritional calcium per day. Healthy sources of calcium include low-fat milk items and green leafy vegetables. Other nutrients vital for bone health consist of magnesium, vitamin D and riboflavin.


Hydration is necessary for all athletes. Being dehydrated throughout training or a fight can harm endurance and mental focus, ‘The Gleason’s Fitness center Total amount Body Boxing Workout for Women: A 4-Week Head-to-Toe Transformation’ reports. Opt to hydrate with healthy fluids such as water and low-fat milk throughout the day. Likewise, aim to drink fluid frequently during training– particularly in hot weather.