Exercises for the Developmentally Delayed

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Exercises for the developmentally delayed consist of the same kinds of workouts for the non-challenged person. Exercise and exercisings belong of an everyday way of life. With developmental difficulties, adaptations in the workouts are made to guarantee safety and exercise success. For personal security, constantly talk with a physician before beginning any workout program.

Three Components

The American Council on Exercises reminds there are three things that every fitness program needs. A cardiovascular workout to enhance heart and lung health is taken part in on a daily basis. Strength training improves muscle tone and strength, in addition to posture and helps in weight management. A flexibility schedule is included in a workout regimen to make sure complete variety of motion in the joints such as the shoulders, hips, knees, ankles and elbows.


A cardio workout for the developmentally postponed assists guarantee security and success. A hand bike is an alternative for a cardiovascular exercise. These bikes are available as a stationary, indoor option or as a roadway bike. The wheels of the bike are turned by the use of hand pedals and enhance the participant’s heart rate to improve the heart function, burn calories and improve endurance. A hand cycle is used for a minimum of 10 minutes at a time with an objective of 30 minutes a day.


One means to improve the strength of the body in a safe, at-home environment with using a computer game. Many game systems have strength-training elements and will direct users with a complete body workout. Appropriate posture is provided as well as techniques and the video games track the use to keep an eye on strength enhancements. The video game systems are easily established at house with a clear area for physical motions.


Participation in yoga is useful for mind and body. The calming breath cycles minimize stress as the participant focuses on his body and not on his surroundings. Yoga exercises lengthens the muscles and enhances flexibility in the joints. Various other stretching exercises consist of positions for the huge muscles such as the legs, chest, back and arms. The very best time to stretch is when the body is warm. For example, after participation in cardio or strength training.