Exercises for Pom Teams

August 6, 2014
Exercises for Pom Teams

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A pom team, commonly referred to as a dance team or pom team, takes part in the sport of competitive dance. During a competitors, pom groups carry out dance regimens that are judged according to style, technical work and execution. What separates a pom group from other dance teams is the use of pompoms in almost all of their dance regimens.

Pom Exercises

Pom exercises are designed to isolate your arm and wrist movements while carrying out certain cheers with your pompoms. Improving your strategy will improve your rating in competitors as well as enhance symmetry at football games or pep rallies. Pom works out variety from activity line drills to arm extensions. To carry out an activity line drill, get all of your cheerleaders in a straight line with pompoms in hand. From here, have your cheerleaders carry out a brief regular with 4 specific movements. These movements can be a combination of arm extensions and elbow bends that must all be done in ideal synchronization. After counting the cheerleaders off (5, 6, 7, 8), enjoy their arms to see if they all relocate unison. Remedy any imperfections or technical flaws prior to moving on.

Kick Exercises

Kick exercises for pom teams are designed to improve flexibility with regard to your team’s leg kicks and movements during competitors. Kick works out array from high-kick to step-kick exercises. To perform a basic high-kick exercise, advance onto your left leg, bringing your right boost and off the ground as you do so. Away, step forward on your right foot, swiftly following it with your left foot. Advance on your right foot, kicking your left foot up as high as you can. Repeat this pattern as often times as you can, attempting to increase the height of your kick with each repetition.

Jump Exercises

Another crucial part of a pom group’s routine includes the jumps and stunts that the group carries out. Standard jump workouts for pom teams range from long jumps made to enhance distance and speed to pencil jump works out created to improve your kind and accuracy. To do a standard strength-building workout for your legs, begin by standing up with your knees slightly bent and arms at your sides. From this position, jump 12 inches to your right, keeping your back straight and arms at your sides as you do so. Quickly jump back to your initial position, shuttling between these 2 areas up until fatigued.


While exercises for pom teams are created to improve skill and coordination, it’s very important that you take part in safe and right routines that’ll not jeopardize you or the players around you. During exercises and routines, a coach or adult supervisor ought to always exist, specifically during jumps or stunts. Throughout these activities, spotters must always be present along with soft mats or foam pits for cheerleaders to securely fall under.