Exercises for a Vertical Jump With Bad Knees

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Bad knees can hinder of many sports and physical activities. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, knee discomfort is the most typical grievance when patients visit an orthopedic specialist. Your knee problems might be specifically worrisome if you take part in a sport that requires vertical leaping. Jumping can be extremely difficult on your knees, but specific workouts can help reinforce your knees so you’re more most likely to be able to continue your sport.

Vertical Jump

A vertical jump is a jump directly up in the air utilizing the force of the muscles in your lesser body. You can execute a vertical jump from a standing position or while you’re running. Lots of sports, such as basketball and volleyball, require vertical jumping abilities to score points. Sometimes, athletes use their vertical jump as a means to asses their progress and ability. If you play a sport that requires vertical leaping, you could be at an increased threat for patellar tendinitis, a condition that influences your knees.

Bad Knees

Patellar tendinitis happens when you hurt the tendon that links your kneecap to your shinbone. Your patellar ligament is vital for performing a vertical jump. If it’s wounded, your ability to jump efficiently, and without discomfort, will be had an effect on. When you land incorrectly when coming down from a jump, you may wound your anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL. Direct blows to your knees also can cause a serious adequate injury to affect your vertical jump. Any of these conditions will need therapy before you can go back to your typical task, and exercise will likely play into your recovery.


Improving the condition of your bad knees will help you recuperate your capability to do a vertical jump. Particular kinds of exercises can help your knees recover and might assist prevent future injury when doing vertical jumps. Straight leg raises will help refurbish a hurt knee. Lie on your back with your uninjured knee bent. Align your hurt knee and raise it 5 or 6 inches off the floor. Hold for a few seconds and then lesser it back to the floor. Partial squats, step-ups and walking are extra workouts that may assist refurbish bad knees. Exercises that strengthen your quadriceps can help avoid future knee injury. Squats, lunges and stair-stepping all can develop strength in your quadriceps. Stretch your calf bone muscles with toe raises to more construct strength and shield your knees from future injury.


Your physician may suggest that you relax while your knee injury heals. Once you get approval to be physically active, take it slow. If you want to regain your vertical jump height, a reinjury of your knee will enhance how long it requires to reach that goal. Certain knee conditions might need surgical treatment or might restrict your capability to execute vertical jumps in the future. Ask your doctor about physical therapy that can help you restore knee strength.

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