Exercise Machines That Glide Side to Side

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Exercise machines range from large treadmills to computerized jump ropes. Some workout machines are created to produce specific motions, target certain muscle teams and enhance aerobic fitness. Equipments that require the body to move side to side target the within and outdoors leg muscles, in addition to the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus muscles. The platform-gliding, swing, ski-skate training and slide board workout devices are kinds of exercise devices that help the body in gliding side to side.

Platform-Gliding Machine

Platform-gliding equipments, such as the Circle Glide, consist of a long, slim foot platform with a handlebar extension. The platform holds the weight of your body and allows you to engage in 3 airplanes of motion: turning, side to side and backwards and forward movement. The diversified movements work your stomach muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus muscles, adductors and abductors. According to the official Circle Glide site, the Circle Glide enhances your heart rate and oxygen intake, which helps in burning calories for weight-loss and toning targeted muscle groups.

Swing Machine

Swing devices, likewise referred to as the passive aerobic workout device, allow your ankles to fit in molded slots while pushing your back. The slots move side to side while exercising your legs and enhancing oxygen flow by means of lateral flexion of your spine. In addition, utilizing a swing device twice a day for 15 mins might help tone and reinforce your hips, quadriceps, gluteus muscles and core. Some special functions of swing equipments include a foot massager, infrared light, multiple motor speeds and push-button control.

Ski-Skate Trainer

A ski-skate fitness instructor resembles an elliptical machine in construction. Nonetheless, unlike an elliptical machine, the ski-skate fitness instructor allows lateral motion for the body to move side to side. This workout equipment was made to assist skiers and skaters with training, but can benefit all sportsmens. The ski-skate fitness instructor separates the adductor and abductors, while toning your core and upper body muscles. In addition, the low-impact design doesn’t place unneeded pressure on your joints.

Slide Board

The slide board is a piece of exercise devices, varying from 7 to 10 feet in length, that provides you with a slick surface and unique pantofles to glide slide to side. This side-to-side movement engages your quadriceps, hamstrings, abductors, adductors, gluteus muscles and core muscles, as well as provides a requiring aerobic workout and assists in increasing upper body muscle tone. Slide boards can offer a cross-training outlet for athletes during their offseason.