Drills Using a Rope Ladder for Footwork

Agility exercises can help to athletes become faster on their feet. Whether you are practicing for soccer, football or another sport, rope ladder drills can assist you establish fast footwork. Lay out the ladder on the ground, and make certain you extend your muscles prior to you begin your exercise.


Sprinting throughout the rope ladder can be an extreme workout that assists you establish agile footwork. Run as quickly as you can, making sure each foot actions between the rungs. Attempt to make certain your foot doesn’t get tangled up in the ladder as you run. You can likewise do a double-step sprint, where both feet step between each called. To establish dexterity, you can run with the ladder sideways, crossing one foot over the other.

Every Other Square

You can place a foot in every other square while running through the ladder. This helps you establish longer strides. You can do this drill backward, which works various muscles. Another variation on this ladder drill is to make use of two feet. As you run with the ladder, location both feet in between every other sounded. You can handle this drill backwards also.


Hopping with the rope ladder can build up leg muscles and increase footwork speed. By hopping on one foot either forward or backwards, you can strengthen your legs. See to it you practice one-footed jumps with each foot. Other variations on jumps consist of the hopscotch hops, in which you begin with your feet shoulder-width apart outside the ladder. You jump and bring your feet together in the very first rung. Hop again and land on one foot in the next called. Repeat the sequence up until you’re at the end of the ladder.


Turning your body is another means you can make use of the rope ladder. Start outside the ladder and hop into it, turning your body so you land dealing with in the opposite direction. Continue these 180-degree turns until you’re at completion of the ladder. Repeat in the other direction. You can likewise attempt 90-degree turns. Base on one foot and hop forward to the next rung, turning so you land dealing with to the side. Jump again and land dealing with forward. On the next jump, turn to the opposite. Repeat as you continue hopping.