Do Gymnasts Lift Weights?

September 20, 2014
Do Gymnasts Lift Weights?

Strength is necessary on every gymnastics occasion. On the safe, a gymnast utilizes the strength in her legs to power down the runway then utilizes her upper body strength to flip and turn off the vaulting table. On the rings, a gymnast holds his body still, all with the strength of his shoulders and arms. In many cases, gymnasts lift weights to get this strength.


Unlike strength exercises such as pushups and situps, weightlifting isn’t consisted of in every gymnastics program. Starting level gymnasts rarely raise weights. If a gymnast begins to struggle due to the fact that of lack of strength, the coach may advise weightlifting under adult supervision, either with weightlifting machines at a health club or with exercising weights. Some coaches, nonetheless, like other types of strength training, such as making use of resistance bands, climbing up ropes, and focusing on pullups on benches. If a gymnast doesn’t struggle with strength, working out all of the muscles similarly through gymnastics abilities and gymnastics conditioning is preferred to weightlifting.


Through weightlifting, a gymnast can develop the more powerful muscles should perform intermediate level and above gymnastics skills. For instance, female gymnasts typically struggle to discover the kip on the uneven bars since of lack of strength in the shoulders and triceps. Weightlifting can target these muscles, offering a gymnast the strength to master this common obstruction. During practice, coaches can just commit a limited amount of time to conditioning and cannot constantly offer individualized focus on a gymnast struggling with strength. Weightlifting beyond set up practice helps in this scenario.


Body proportions are very important in both men’s and women’s gymnastics. Lots of gymnastics coaches discourage weightlifting in gymnasts due to the threat of hypertrophy– an exaggerated growth of the targeted muscles, which misshapes the gymnast’s figure and includes excess weight, making skills more difficult to carry out. In reality, when training for the 2008 Olympics, ladies’s medalist Shawn Johnson mentioned to ‘Physical fitness Magazine’ that the gymnasts weren’t permitted to use weights due to the results on the gymnasts’ proportions.


To prevent hypertrophy, a gymnast should focus on lifting heavier weights, in little repetitions of simply 1 to 5 representatives, with extended periods of rest between sessions, according to the article ‘Should Lady Gymnasts Lift Weights’ published in the December 2000 issue of ‘Sportscience.’ The gymnast’s coach must approve the weightlifting program, and the gymnast must only target the certain muscles needed to achieve abilities within the sport.

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