Do Abdominal Exerciser Belts Work?

Abdominal belts utilize electronic muscle stimulation technology to work the muscles in the abdominal areas. When you put the belt around your waist and turn it on, electrical currents are sent through the skin. The electrical currents trigger the muscles to contract. Although you may get some take advantage of taking an abdominal belt, you won’t make an extreme change to your look from routine use of the device.


The Food and Drug Administration has actually approved the Slendertone Flex Belt by BMR NeuroTech for enhancing, toning and firming the muscles in the abdominal areas. The stomach belt is used for 30 minutes a day around 5 days per week. Duplicated exposure to the electrical currents need to improve strength and endurance in the stomach muscles.


You mustn’t take a stomach exerciser if you want to get six-pack abdominals. Area decrease is a myth. If you’ve to reduce weight, a stomach belt won’t assist you attain this. Rather, you’ve to follow a low-calorie diet and enhance your degree of exercise.

Expert Insight

Although certain abdominal belts have been approved the Fda, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll see effects from using the gadget. According to a 2002 research appearing in the ‘Journal of Strength and Conditioning Study,’ no modifications in body fat, body weight or appearance were reported after using an electronic muscle stimulation belt. An electronic muscle stimulation device was used three times weekly and targeted muscles in the abdominals and arms.


If you do choose to utilize a stomach belt to work the abdominals, you could establish negative effects. Possible adverse effects associated with electronic muscle stimulators include skin irritability, burns, discomfort, bruising and electrical shocks. Avoid using an electrical stomach belt if you’ve an implantation gadget such as an IUD or defibrillator. You might want to prevent unregulated stomach belts due to safety risks from cables and leads.