Couch Potato to Bike Racer

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Cycling is a low-impact exercise, but a complete novice to exercise still has to start gradually. You can not make the transition from new exerciser to bike racer overnight. Everybody begins racing as a novice, but you’ve to construct a foundation of aerobic stamina and strength prior to you can manage a normal 40-mile plus race. Talk to your doctor before cycling or starting any new exercise program.


Before you get off the couch and out on the road, you’ve to purchase some standard cycling gear. Go to a bike store where a specialist can assist you pick the very best road bike for you. A bike that’s too little or heavy makes you wear down quicker. Expect to pay upwards of $800 for a racing-quality bike. Likewise, get a well-fitted helmet, cycling gloves to secure your hands and glasses to shield your eyes. Consider a cycling jacket and padded cycling shorts for convenience. Lights, a bottle cage and a repair service kit are other novice needs.


Perform exercises to enhance your biking muscles before you start, enhancing the legs and core safeguards your lower back from strain and makes biking simpler. Lunges are an example of a leg workout that targets your thighs, calves and glutes. Start with your feet together and position your hands on your hips. Step forward with one leg and flex both knees as you raise your back heel. Change sides. Do 15 repetitions per leg. Planks are a workout to enhance your waist. Assume a pushup position and lower onto your forearms. Hold that position for 10 to 30 seconds.


Beginning a biking program involves slowly enhancing your time and pace to gradually build up strength and endurance. Cycle three to 4 days each week. During the first week, cycle for 15 to 18 minutes at what feels like a moderate or moderate-fast speed. Add periods of one minute standing between two minutes sitting during your second week. Enhance your time to 25 minutes. Over the next few weeks, include a number of small- to medium-sized hillsides. Enhance your time by approximately five minutes per session. Train primarily on roadways with some hills and corners to mimic racing.


Once you construct a base of stamina, speed and fundamental biking abilities, you can beginning racing. Signing up with a racing club or attending a racing center introduces you to the abilities you need to be a bike racer. Racing is as much about the skills you’ve to steer around other bikers as it’s about strength and power. Belonging to a racing club teaches you pack-riding skills. As soon as you’re comfy riding with other people, find a race, pay the entry cost and start. You begin as a beginner however will go up in categories as you enhance in time.