Combat Migraines With Feverfew

September 9, 2017

Today I awakened with a migraine headache. Years ago this would not have actually stunned me because I’ve experienced extreme migraines for years. They started when I was about 14 as well as peaked during my 20s. For many years they have actually steadily dissipated, but when they do strike they can put life on hold. Luckily, I always keep a container of the herb feverfew on hand.


When I’m awake, it’s very easy to tell if one of these migraines will strike, because there are some typical warning indicators. Most patients experience several of the adhering to pre-migraine signs:

* Blinking lights that obstruct part or every one of their vision

* Dark areas that block part or every one of their vision

*Feeling spacey or out of it


* Tingling on one side of the head or face

Once a migraine headache begins there’s generally no stopping it. I was on beta-blockers, prescription discomfort drug, and was never without Excedrin. To recognize whether a headache is associated to tension or a real migraine, The Mayo Center details the complying with symptoms that a lot of individuals experience when a migraine hits as:

* Modest to serious pain on one or both sides of the head

* Throbbing head pain

* Pain that worsens with physical activity and also bending over

* Nausea with or without vomiting

* Level of sensitivity to light and sound

If left neglected, a migraine headache could last as much as three days, though in my experience it was generally 24-36 hours. Although not serious, these headaches genuinely are life-altering. The pain and various other side effects can be so devastating that some mothers could require a buddy or relative to view their kids till the episode passes.

Through test and error I’ve found that what jobs best to decrease my migraines is getting regular exercise, avoiding triggers such as specific foods and beverages, as well as taking the herb feverfew.

A member of the sunflower family members, this plant has been utilized for centuries as a treatment for headaches. Taking this natural herb each day enabled me to get off all prescription medications and also decreased the intensity and event of migraine strikes. Fortunately, as I have actually aged my migraine headaches have dwindled to just a pair per year instead of numerous each week.

If you experience migraines, you may wish to provide this wonderful herb a shot. Of course, talk with your medical professional first, specifically if you’re presently on any prescription medicines.

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