Clicking in the Wrist While Doing Pull-Ups

Pullups involve holding a chin-up bar with your hands facing far from you, crossing your ankles behind you and flexing your elbows to draw your body up toward bench up until your chin reaches the same degree as your hands, then decreasing yourself back to the position you began from. If you experience a clicking in your wrist while handling this exercise, you may have an injury.

Minimizing Risk

Performing pullups with the correct form can decrease your threat of injury. Switching your hand position so your palms are dealing with toward you turns this exercise into a chin-up, which puts more stress on your wrists. Keep your wrists straight in a neutral position and don’t swing while finishing your repetitions.

Potential Medical Causes

Potential reason for clicking in the wrist throughout pullups include wrist sprains, tendon injuries and instability or separation of the little bones in the wrist joint, according to an ‘American Family doctor’ article released in November 2005. Diagnostic tests can figure out which, if any, of these conditions is causing the clicking in your wrist when you handle this exercise.


Treatment depends on the cause of the wrist clicking. A slightly sprained wrist can be iced, elevated, covered in elastic bandages and rested until it recovers, but more severe injuries might require immobilization with splints and shoulder slings or surgical treatment. As soon as the injury begins to heal, you can begin carrying out workouts to enhance your variety of motion then exercises that strengthen your wrist.


Although the clicking in your wrist mightn’t be due to any significant injury, see your physician for diagnosis if you experience this symptom while you’re doing pullups. Don’t continue exercising until you’re cleared by your doctor, as this might cause further damage if the clicking is due to an injury to your wrist.