Cleaner Contact Lenses

March 16, 2017

fitness courses I have actually been wearing get in touch with lenses given that I was a teenager and also have actually generally done a great work of dealing with them, although I have not constantly been vigilant. I slept in my contacts last evening since we were hunkering down in the basement during Storm (Cyclone) Sandy. I likewise probably utilize them for longer than I should.

Recently, I encountered a study that examined the instances that those of us that put on get in touch with lenses placed those lenses in for storage. The research study was very terrifying. It located that a complete 2 thirds of the contact lenses situations of healthy and balanced adults contained fungi or microorganisms, a few of which could trigger serious infections that could lead to blindness. Ouch.

I had to do some research study, as well as I found some interesting points, including something that I am definitely refraining from doing presently to secure my eyes. Just what is it? Changing out my get in touch with lens container each time I open up a new container of option or at the very least every 3 months. I have actually had the same container for years-an extremely sturdy one. So, it looks like I need to either change it fast, or sanitize it more commonly compared to I generally do.

Other pointers for maintaining the fungis and bacteria at bay …

Always wash and completely dry your hands prior to handling your lenses.

Rub your remedy on your lenses before you place them, also when the remedy says “no rub.”

Never complement your solution in your case. Instead, unload the old solution, rinse the case with new as well as after that let it air dry.

If you like them and can manage them, daily disposable get in touch with lenses are the most safe, since you put a fresh pair of lenses in daily.

Avoid sleeping in your lenses. Also prolonged wear lenses must be eliminated nighttime. Oversleeping your lenses boosts your risk of an eye infection by five times the typical risk!

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