Clam Shells vs. Leg Raises

March 24, 2013
Clam Shells vs. Leg Raises

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Clamshell and leg-raise exercises both concentrate on moving the legs, however they strengthen different groups of muscles. When done effectively, the clamshell isn’t likely to put stress on the back, however leg raises have the potential to strain lesser back muscles. Speak to your physician before doing these exercises, specifically if you’ve actually had any prior back, hip or spine issues.


Clamshell workouts are appropriately called due to the fact that your leg motions resemble a clamshell opening and closing. Begin by pushing your side, with your knees bent, making use of one arm to support your head and the various other arm bent with your hand put on your hip. It’s important to try to keep the hips and upper body in straight positioning and perpendicular to the floor, so it could assist to do this exercise with your back and feet against a wall. Keeping your feet together, raise your leading knee up as though your legs level like a clamshell, then lower it pull back, moving gradually so that you thoroughly work the suitable muscles. Don’t lift your leg so high that you roll backwards. Perform eight to 15 repetitions on each side, relying on your ability.

Leg Raise

Lie flat on your back with arms relaxed at your sides and bring one leg up, bending the knee at about a 90-degree angle. Keep that foot flat on the flooring as you raise the various other leg. Keep the leg straight and lift it off the flooring to about the height of your bent knee, then lower it back to the floor. Do the lifts utilizing controlled movement. You ought to feel the quadriceps muscles working, but you ought to never ever feel any stress or pain in your back. Attempt to get 10 repeatings on each side and develop to three to five sets.


The clamshell is a great workout for enhancing the hip abductor muscles. This muscle group is accountable for relocating the leg out to the side and consists of the gluteus muscles. Reinforcing the gluteus muscles assists stabilize the spine and relieve low back discomfort. Sturdy hip abductors likewise stabilize the pelvis during body language. Leg raises mainly strengthen the quadriceps and secondarily build abdominal muscles. The term ‘quadriceps’ refers to a group of four muscles on the front of the thigh. They are undoubtedly crucial for walking, running, hopping and squatting, but the quadriceps likewise have the crucial duty of stabilizing your knee during movement.


It’s constantly essential to follow appropriate form and method when you work out since that guarantees you work the suitable muscles without straining other muscles. This is especially essential when executing leg raises since they can quickly strain your lesser back muscles. You’ll lessen the threat by raising one leg at a time, while keeping the various other leg bent due to the fact that raising both legs at the exact same time hyperextends your lesser back. Stop immediately if you’ve any discomfort in your back and take it easy for a couple of days to provide the muscles time to recover. If the pain continues, speak with your doctor.

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