So, after hitting 100 times of typical raise, you most likely find that push up is as well very easy. Now, by prolonging one leg out behind you, you will locate raise a lot more difficult as a result of instability. This one legged variation will function your arms, abdominal muscles, shoulders as well as your butts (glutes) as well in enhancement to your upper body muscles.

  1. Lie deal with down with hands as well as knee on the ground. Hands setting is somewhat larger than shoulder size as well as fingers aligned at the nipple line.
  2. Extend one of your legs directly behind you on the air. Utilize your abs for stabilization. Keep your heel in accordance with your hips.
  3. Now, do a rise. Reduced your upper body down and after that press it up while keeping the hanging leg up.
  4. Repeat 10 repeatings if possible.
  5. Switch your leg and also repeat the above steps.


  • If you wish to do this rise in a more tough method, you can utilize a medicine ball as shown below.

  • It is regular to have side to side shaky activity when you initially began. Prior to you attempt it, make certain you have actually grasped the conventional press up.

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