Dumbbell pullover is one-of-a-kind in that its motion since it functions the chest from a remarkable range of angles. This exercise takes fairly a bit of coordination, which includes to the challenge of the exercise. You could do this straight arm or bent arm. Somehow I discovered that the straight arm pullover stretches the upper body a lot more whereas the triceps obtain even more the exercise in the bent-arm dumbbell pullover. That is why I choose straight arms.

The primary muscle mass involved is chest, yet other muscular tissues worked include triceps, shoulders in addition to lats. Professional athletes that play tennis, javelin or football throw-in will certainly get the take advantage of this compound workout.


  1. Lie level on your back on a flat bench. Feet level on the floor or on the bench.
  2. Begin by holding the dumbbell over your chest with straight arms.
    Inhale deeply. Gradually lower the dumbbell in semicircular motion behind head as much as feasible without pain.
  3. Your arms and the pinhead will really go behind as well as above your head as well as will certainly drop down listed below the bench – this movement will really give you a wonderful stretch.
  4. Return the pinhead to the beginning setting gradually, focusing on maintaining your elbows secured in the slightly curved position.
  5. Do 3 collections of 8 – 12 repeatings each set.


  • When picking the proper weight, make sure you choose a weight that enables you correct handling. You will certainly be raising this weight over your head and you do not desire it to slip.
  • Additionally, you can injury shoulders, so take care. See to it that below is no included stress. Only lower the pinhead as for it is comfortable.
  • Ideally, reduced the arms on a 4 count and bring them up on a 2 count.

That is another way of doing the Pinhead Pullover which I am presently doing – Straight Arm Dumbbell Pullovers Across A Bench. The distinction is the positioning of the bench. In this instance, your entire back does not push the bench. Only your upper back. This placement allows you to get a much fuller stretch as compared with typical shirts on a bench.


  1. Turn a bench sideways.
  2. Lie back to make sure that your upper back is on the bench and your upper body as well as legs prolong out vertical to the bench. Your body must in fact develop an appropriate angle to the bench or seat.
  3. Keep both feet on the flooring shoulder width apart and also your knees bent at a ninety level angle.
  4. Your body ought to create a bridge with assistance factors at your upper back and also feet. Realize a dumbbell with two hands, palms level versus the within among the plates.
  5. Prolong both arms straight up over your face.
  6. With a slight bend in your elbows, lower the weight down and also back over your head till your arms are identical to the floor.
  7. Utilize your top chest muscles to elevate the weight back to the beginning placement. Do not increase your hips.


  • For an extra triceps shed, each time you finish a shirt, reduced the dumbbell straight down up until it touches your chest.