After looking at barbell bench press, let’s check out one more similar workout for upper body. The primary muscle being worked out is breast (pectoralis). Triceps muscles and also shoulders are entailed as well. It is a substance exercise.

I do both weights bench press and barbell dumbbell bench press. Both has its very own advantages – dumbbell benches permits you to work each side of the upper body individually and also they incorporate more stabilizer muscles whereas barbell benches will certainly enable you to raise even more weight.


  1. Rest on the edge of a flat bench with pinheads on your knees. Lie back.
  2. Your palm need to deal with forwards. Bend your elbow joints at a 90 degree angle to make sure that your upper arms are identical to the ground.
  3. Press the weights up over your breast in a triangular motion until they fulfill over the centerline of your body. Make certain you maintain the weights balanced as well as in control. Breathe out as your arms go up.
  4. After that, comply with the same path downward in a slow as well as controlled style. Inhale when you are doing this.

Watch the video below:


  • You can do the raise activity in an eruptive fashion.
  • Do not secure your elbow joints out at the top.
  • Some people prefer to bang the weights on top. No, you do not need to do so.
  • Keep your wrists straight. If you experience from wrist pain when you lift the weight, have a look at the article of How To stop Wrist Pain From Your Weight Training.
  • Some people choose to put the feet unemployed. Personally, I choose to keep the feet firmly pushed down on the floor for security purpose.