Cardio Inferno vs. Indoor Cycling

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Cardio programs such as the ‘Cardio Inferno’ DVD and indoor cycling get your heart pumping to burn calories and offer aerobic benefits. ‘Cardio Inferno’ is an exercise program by Tae Bo creator Billy Banks, Tae Bo represents Total Awareness Excellent Body Obedience. It mixes boxing, martial arts and dance activities to produce a more well-rounded but riskier program than indoor cycling.


Cardio Inferno is a Tae Bo workout developed mainly as an aerobic activity. An hour of Tae Bo burns around 500 to 800 calories. The number of calories you burn depends on your weight and exactly how difficult you work out, indoor biking is the very same method. A 130-pound person burns around 433 calories at a light intensity, 650 calories at a moderate intensity and 774 calories at an energetic intensity per hour. A heavier person burns more calories. A 180-pound individual burns 600 calories at a light intensity, 900 calories at a moderate intensity and 1,072 at an energetic intensity per hour.


Indoor cycling is a low-impact type of exercise, meanings it places practically no tension on your joints. Low-impact physical activity is less likely to cause injuries than high-impact exercise (See References 6). Tae Bo places substantial anxiety on the joints and might trigger strains in your muscles or the connective cells around your joints. Begin slowly with Cardio Inferno, especially if you’re a beginner to Tae Bo, are obese or are 30 or older.


The Centers of Disease Control and Avoidance suggests that twice a week, or more, people take part in muscle-strengthening activities. Indoor biking burns calories, but it can burn muscle if you don’t likewise perform strength training workouts. Strength training forces your muscles to contract against the force of gravity, enhancing strength and tone. Exercising with ‘Cardio Inferno’ not only burns calories, but it also consists of martial arts and boxing inspired transfer to enhance tone, versatility and coordination. Bewaren’t to lock your joints when kicking or punching or you could hurt yourself.


A big part of being successful at an exercise program is enjoying exactly what you do. Purchasing a ‘Cardio Inferno’ or signing up for an indoor biking course is unlikely to obtain results if you don’t like either activity. ‘Cardio Inferno’ provides the fringe benefit of being portable, anywhere with a TV and DVD gamer works for doing the routine. Indoor biking needs the purchase and storage of a stationary bicycle for house workout, getting a health club subscription and taking a trip to the fitness center for each indoor cycling course or both. If going to the fitness center is motivating, indoor cycling could be your finest choice.