You most likely have heard your mum’s nagging not to take medication with coffee, tea, Coke or fruit juice. Most of the times, you just follow. Have you ever asked yourself whether it is real? If so, just what is the factor behind it?

Yes, you must not take medication with caffeinated beverages, citrus juice or milk. Here are the reasons:

  1. These beverages may damage down the medication and also causing the medication to be ineffective. For example, the tannic acid in tea will certainly minimize the digestion of drugs. Orange and apple juices might block the impact of some medications erasing any type of prospective benefit to patients. Only half of the dose was soaked up right into the bloodstream, compared to water.
  2. Furthermore, they do not help in absorption of particular components like iron.
  3. Worse, they may have communication with some of the medication. The carbonic acid in soft drinks as well as juice in addition to the healthy protein in milk may reason adverse chemical response to the medicine. Directly, I do not like ingesting tablets with carbonated beverage. It make me burp more.

The various other tip is not to take any medicine right away after breakfast. Wait for at the very least a hr if you take milk, tea or coffee. If you drink milk before you go to sleep, then, you must take your medication a hr before sleeping.

Therefore, I recommend you to take medicine with water.