Can Static Stretching Exercises Build Strength?

Can Static Stretching Exercises Build Strength?

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A well-rounded exercise program has a number of elements– an aerobic or cardio section, a strength-training section and stretching segment. All are similarly crucial for general health and to assist avoid and or handle disease. There are items and programs that declare to attend to all your fitness requires in just 15 minutes a day or with just one machine, however for the best advantage, focus on simply one component at a time.

What’s Static Stretching

Static stretching includes holding a fixed position for anywhere between 10 to 60 seconds, with a goal of increasing flexibility and range of motion in a particular location of the body. A well-rounded static stretching program should target all the major muscle groups. The function of fixed stretching is to promote relaxation, enhance movement, prevent injury and decrease muscle and joint discomfort, according to Jessica Smith of the American College of Sports Medication. A basic goal is to stretch all your major muscle groups 2 to 3 days a week.

Strength Training

Strong muscles serve a range of purposes. Since muscle burns more calories at rest than fat does, having even more muscle than fat raises your metabolic rate and can help in weight loss and weight management. Strong muscles take pressure off painful joints, make daily tasks simpler and can assist you preserve your self-reliance as you age. Strength training includes moving your muscles through their full range of motion versus some kind of resistance. To improve muscle strength, you must make your muscles strain to carry out the workout, meanings making use of weights or resistance that just allows you to do eight to 12 representatives, with the last number of reps being hard, reports the Harvard Medical School. As you get more powerful, keep challenging your muscles by increasing the quantity of weight or resistance you make use of.


Since structure strength needs moving your body through its complete variety of activity against a challenging amount of resistance for a number of repeatings, you’ve to exercise with weights, tubing, equipments or support part or all of your body weight. Because stretching requires you to hold a static position and doesn’t generally use resistance, stretching alone won’t enhance muscle strength. Nonetheless, static stretching will assist relax your muscles after an exercise and minimize tenderness.

Stretching with Weights

In some cases, your physician or physical therapist could suggest using light weights while stretching to help you enhance your mobility. This involves making use of light weights– 2 or 3 pounds– to enhance the amount of stretch you get while holding a position. You won’t in fact be lifting the weight up and down, so these types of exercises are also not good for constructing strength. They’re just made to improve array of activity. Including weights to a stretch ought to only be done under the assistance of a physical therapist, trainer or coach to guarantee that you aren’t utilizing the weights in a manner that’ll hurt your joints.