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Usually, each weight plate is marked with a number. Some of these figures give the actual weight of the plate. Nonetheless, some aren’t however the actual force you need to life home plate. On some machines, the number is simply an index showing the number of plates being lifted.

Next time before you push or pull the weight plate at the resistance equipment, pay attention how the cable television is connected to the weight stack – via pulley or just pure cable.

  • If only cable is made use of, if the weight plate is 50 pounds, you’ll require 50 pounds of force to raise it.
  • If a pulley is made use of, it’ll be difference case. A pulley (likewise called a sheave or block) is a wheel with a groove between 2 flanges around its circumference.
    • In physics terms, pulleys are used to change the instructions of a used force, transfer rotational movement, or realize a mechanical advantage in either a linear or rotational system of motion.
    • In layperson term and in weight lifting equipment context, with pulley, when you see a number indicating 50 pounds, you may not lift that quantity of weight. The pulley has made the weight easier to be lifted as shown in the diagram below.

In this case above, the force needed to raise the weight is the same.


In this case, because how the pulley system is created, the force required is cut by half.

The next time you thought you’re more powerful with pulley resistance equipment, don’t get overjoyed as you may just half of the force.