Butt Lifts in Yoga

August 11, 2014
Butt Lifts in Yoga

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You could’ve had a perky butt back in the day, however time and gravity do their thing and prior to you know it, you are looking for natural means to tone and company your fanny. An efficient physical fitness plan that consists of a cardiovascular exercise – running, vigorous walking or biking, for instance – and strength training will assist you slim down and tone your sagging derriere. For a well-rounded workout, include some yoga postures. Butt lifts in yoga work ‘statically and dynamically,’ according to ‘Yoga Journal’ magazine, with holding a posture and through repetitions.

Crocodile Pose

Like the better-known Locust pose, Crocodile is an example of the kind of butt lift in yoga that’s isometric, or static, in nature, but is fractionally more difficult. Lie face-down on a yoga mat or rug. Extend your arms along the mat in front of you and, on an inhale, raise your arms and legs off the floor. To secure your lower back, angle your tailbone down and agreement your hamstring muscles. Clench the gluteus muscles in your butt and breathe typically throughout while keeping your neck in a neutral and comfortable position. Attempt to keep Crocodile pose for around 1 minute.

King of the Dancers Pose

King of the Professional dancers – or Lord of the Dance – position is one typically used to advertise a yoga event – the complete pose is so striking it can make you look two times. For your purposes, King of the Dancers is another example of an isometric butt-lifting yoga position. Stand near a chair or wall in case you lose your balance. Bend your left knee and bring your left foot close to your butt. Reach behind and realize your left ankle with your left hand. Spread the toes on your right foot to have the widest possible base on which to balance. Lean forward a little and pull your left upper hand and way from your body. Raise your right-hand man into the air and focus on contracting your butt muscles as you lift your leg as high as you can. Invest approximately a minute on the left side and repeat on the right.

Warrior I Pose

The entire Warrior series, poses I through III, work butt lifts – but Warrior I is distinct in that you can turn it from a static to dynamic posture at whim. Rather of holding and contracting your butt muscles isometrically, you can lift your gluteal muscles through repeated movement. Action your feet 3 feet apart and turn your right foot out 90 degrees and your left foot in 45 degrees. Turn your torso to face your right foot and raise your arms over your head. Flex your right knee and spend about 10 seconds getting the feel of the posture. Try out adjusting your back leg so you can isolate your butt muscles, then correct your forward leg. For the next minute, alternate between bending your right knee and correcting your leg, then switch over sides.

Prasarita Lunges

Prasarita Padottanasana, to offer this position its Sanskrit name, is basically a wide-legged forward bend. Adding a moving lunge element offers you energy and your butt a lift. Stand on a non-slip surface area like a yoga mat with your legs a minimum of 3 feet apart. Flex forward from your waist with a flat back, then flex your knees and place your hands on the floor. Move your upper body a little to the left, feeling your right leg align slightly, then move to the right. Continue swelling back and forth from delegated right for as much as 2 minutes.