Brainstorming Activities for Toddlers

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Brainstorming activities encourage young children to utilize their imaginations and think critically about different topics. Brainstorming also assists stimulate imagination in young children. The activities assist young children process things they experience during the course of the day. Offer a nurturing environment that encourages your kid to come up with great deals of ideas by accepting all concepts and not remedying him or informing him that some ideas are incorrect.


Giving the toddler a specific category guides him in the brainstorming procedure. List a category that relates to your young child’s life and ask him to take lots of products as possible that’d fit in that classification. For example, for the classification ‘toys,’ your toddler can call balls, blocks, rocking steeds, stuffed animals and dolls. Help him relate to the toys he possesses or has actually played with at other locations, such as preschool or a pal’s residence. For classifications such as toys that have connected physical items, let your young child gather examples from his own room for the brainstorming session. A comparable idea is to help your kid brainstorm and match various shapes or colors. As an example, have him brainstorm various things that are green or products that are round. Turn the activity into a matching or sorting game where he types or groups items based upon shape or color.


Combining brainstorming with actions remains your kid physically active while urging imagination. Have your toddler impersonate different words or actions. As an example, have him act like different animals or different individuals. Motivate him to act out as many different individuals or things as he can think about. Let him think about his own concepts unless he needs support. To make the brainstorming activity more fascinating, turn it into a game of charades where you take turns brainstorming, impersonating and thinking.

Problem Solving

Brainstorming is often utilized as a method to think of options to problems. While kids are not able to address intricate mathematics troubles or other complex concerns, they can brainstorm options for basic, appropriate scenarios. For instance, supply your toddler with a stack of blocks and have him brainstorm various ways to build a tower. Give him a container and huge beads so he can identify how to fit them into the container. Let him brainstorm methods to arrange his toys so his room stays clean. This activity offers kids a possibility to apply brainstorming to real-life scenarios.

Topic Exploration

Exploring a certain subject in depth provides young children a possibility to brainstorm and broaden knowledge. Select a theme or subject that your kid enjoys, such as farms or zoos. Brainstorm together a list of things you may discover at the location. Discover the subject further by playing with related toys, reviewing books about the topic and playing pretend. For instance, set up stuffed animals in makeshift pens to produce a farm or zoo. Let your young child pretend to be a farmer or zookeeper. This broadens beyond the simple concept of brainstorming to permit more understanding.