Thinking concerning topping your early morning cereal by applying a cup of blueberries?

Do it.

Just one mug of blueberries every day could possibly be the trick to lowering blood stress and also arterial rigidity, both which are related to cardio disease.

‘Our findings propose that normal consumption of blueberries could possibly delay the progression of prehypertension to high blood pressure, for that reason reducing heart attack risk,’ stated Sarah A. Johnson, assistant supervisor of the Facility for Advancing Workout and also Nutrition Study on Aging (CAENRA) as well as postdoctoral other in the Department of Nutrition, Meals and also Exercise Sciences at Fla State University.

Johnson and a group of FSU nutrition and also workout scientists are the writers of a brand-new paper, ‘Daily blueberry usage boosts blood stress and arterial tightness in postmenopausal females by applying pre- and also phase 1-hypertension.’ Their work is discovered in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and also Dietetics.

Johnson said she has an interest in taking a look at just how practical meals– meals that have a positive effect on wellness past fundamental nutrition– can stop as well as reverse negative health and wellness end results, especially for postmenopausal women.

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‘Heart attack is the leading cause of death in the United States,’ she stated. ‘When women go via menopause, this puts them at an also better threat for it. Our searchings for suggest that the addition of a solitary food, blueberries, to the diet plan may alleviate the adverse cardio results that commonly take place as an outcome of menopause.’

Over an eight-week period, 48 postmenopausal females with pre- as well as stage-1 high blood pressure were randomly delegated to obtain either 22 grams of freeze-dried blueberry powder– the equal to one mug of fresh blueberries– or 22 grams of a sugar pill powder. Individuals, on the other hand, proceeded their normal diet plan and also exercise routines.

At the beginning of the research study, the group took participants’ blood pressure as well as assessed their arterial rigidity and also select blood biomarkers.

At the end of the eight weeks, individuals obtaining the blueberry powder on average had a 7 mmHg (5.1 percent) reduce in systolic blood tension, which is the top number in the blood tension reading that assesses the pressure in the arteries when the heart beats. They likewise viewed a 5 mmHg (6.3 percent) decrease in diastolic blood pressure, or the bottom number measuring the stress in the canals between heartbeats.

Additionally, participants in the blueberry-treated group had an ordinary decrease of 97 cm/second (6.5 percent) in arterial stiffness.

They also discovered that nitric oxide, a blood biomarker understood to be involved in the extending of capillary, boosted by 68.5 percent. That is necessary, Johnson stated, since arterial rigidity and the narrowing of blood boats are both a part of hypertension. This rise in nitric oxide assists describe the reductions in blood pressure.


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Previous studies on blueberries have shown good results on cardio danger elements including blood pressure, but they all consisted of big quantities of blueberry powder usage, anywhere from 50 grams to 250 grams. When it come to 250 grams, that would translate to more compared to 11 cups of fresh blueberries, which could not be practical for folks to consume on a routine basis.

Johnson said that future research studies will certainly think about various other doses of blueberries, longer intervention durations and various other example populations.

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