I typically do pinhead bicep crinkle. For variant, I will certainly likewise do cable television one arm bicep crinkle. Rather than drawing the v bar or brief bar using wheel, I choose solitary arm at a time. Doing this method aids ensure right form.

  1. Grab a single deal with alongside a low sheave maker. Stand beside the weight stack at shoulder width apart. Make certain your feet grown firmly on the ground. Bend your knees somewhat. To puts it simply, do not lock your knees.
  2. Elbows and also palms need to deal with forward (encountering the skies). Make use of the various other hand (your non training arm) to order your waistline to maintain you in balance.
  3. Slowly crinkle the single manage upwards (in an arc-like activity) while maintaining the top arm stationary. Your lower arm is the just one removaling towards your bicep.
  4. Hold the tightening as you squeeze your bicep.
  5. Lower the solitary manage back down up until your arm is virtually fully extended.
  6. Switch arm.
  7. Do 8 to 12 repetitions for 1 set, 3 collections for each and every hand.


  • For advanced individual, you could attempt doing it on a bosu since it requires you to utilize your core muscles.
  • Start with your weakest arm.
  • Do not lean back while you are crinkling the weight up.
  • If you are raising heavy weight, you can place a leg onward for stability.

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