Biceps Workout (5) – Alternate Hammer Curl

Most people are not as well adventurous when it concerns working our arms. Many stick with basic curl. Nothing wrong keeping that, yet a mild tweak in hand position changes a regular crinkle into an Alternate Hammer Curl. As well as with this little modification comes large rewards. Hammer curls revamp your arms training by hitting your muscles in a various way, as well as by entailing your typically disregarded lower arm muscles.


  1. Stand with your feet concerning shoulder width apart and also grab a set of dumbbells.
  2. With a pinhead in each hand, stand with your arms hanging at your sides, with your hands facing in toward your body.
  3. Keeping your hands dealing with inward, crinkle the weight in your left hand straight up towards your left shoulder.
  4. Squeeze the biceps hard at the top for a one-count then gradually return to the beginning position. Resist as you reduced the dumbbell.
  5. Repeat this movement with your right arm.
  6. Be certain to maintain your wrists secured throughout the activity, encountering in towards your body during. Only your lower arm must removal. The only flexing should go to your elbow.
  7. Do 3 collections for each collection and also 8 to 12 repeatings for each hand.


  • To stay clear of rocking onward or overusing your lower back, lower the pinheads gradually and also with control. While you ought to not permit your arm joints to protrude as you lift, you ought to not push them versus your body, either.
  • You could lift the dumbbell with both arms at the same time.

  • To adjustment this workout to make sure that you could function a lot more on your forearm rather than your bicep, you could turn your palms upwards as you lift and also rotate them back to a palms-inward position as you lower. I am doing this for variation.
  • This workout can be done standing or seated. I like standing for this one.