Biceps Workout (3) – Dumbbell Concentration Curl

Dumbbell Concentration Swirl is just one of the arms workouts I do. A few of you might assume that straight bicep exercise is not essential because various other compound exercises have really serviced our biceps. Focus Curls works well for some individuals, partially due to the psychological effect.

For those that understand the arms anatomy well, the lengthy head (side head) of the biceps is functioned out even more than the brief head (medial head) in Dumbbell Concentration Swirl workout.

You have to concentrate on the arms tightening and on being rigorous to make this workout effective.


  1. Sit on a chair or an end of a level bench. Spread your legs apart into a V and lean forward slightly.
  2. Understanding the pinhead in one hand with your palm encountering upward.
  3. Relax your arm joint on the within your thigh as well as let the dumbbell hang.
  4. Rest your various other practical the top of your other upper leg for support.
  5. Gradually curl the weight up to the front of shoulder while keeping the torso, upper arm and also elbow joint still.
  6. Quit when the weight is 90 ° (or a little extra) from your elbow joint. On top of the crinkle, the biceps are taking the complete stress of the weight. Pause at this setting for one matter if possible.
  7. Under control, lower the weight down, quit prior to your arm is completely expanded. Your joint should not be locked at this stage. Turn around the movement up.
  8. Do the very same workout for the various other arm.
  9. Do 3 collections with 8 to 12 reps for each and every set.


  • Start it with low-weights as well as terrific form.
  • You really have to focus on the arms tightening and on being stringent to make this exercise effective. Assume about just your bicep. Just remain focus.
  • Do not curl the weight to the upper body. It needs to be crinkled to the shoulder.
  • You could attempt this – while raising, bent the wrist a little bit so that your little finger finishes up greater than your thumb.
  • If you are making use of heavier weight, you could make use of one more hand to aid on the last few ‘rip off’ repetitions.